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With our experience, knowledge of the market and tailored services, we ensure a highly efficient search process.


As a market leader in German-speaking Switzerland – greater Zurich and the Northwest in particular – we have built up a robust and highly diverse network of contacts. Our tenant representation team is ready to put it to use and work with you closely to find the right office space for your needs.

With SPGI, you get an industry insider with a proven track record – a partner that can help you navigate the search process and negotiate the best possible terms for your office lease.


The first step of the search is a free, non-binding discussion where we determine all of the requirements for your new office space. If you decide to continue with us, we will put together a tailored bundle of services to ensure the most efficient search.

  • Analysis and preparation
    • Analysis of new office requirements
    • Analysis of current situation and lease
    • Definition of criteria for a complete search profile, including:
      – Recommendation of suitable location based on your needs
      – Recommendation of size
    • “Stay vs. Go” analysis to compare potential new offices (move) and current office space (stay), including:
      – All financial obligations, such as rent, renovation/expansion and moving costs
      – Soft factors, such as location, available infrastructure and accessibility
      – Ranking and recommendationg
    • Establishment of timetable and next steps
  • New office search
    • Identification of available properties that meet the search criteria (longlist)
    • Selection of properties to view
    • Scheduling of property viewings
    • Recommendation (shortlist of 2-4 properties for further review and negotiation)
  • Detailed review of selected properties, negotiations and closing
    • Coordination of offers
    • Summary of financial considerations
    • Comparison of the options
    • Recommendation with soft factors taken into account
    • Advising of client on optimal negotiation strategy
    • Negotiation (if requested by client)
    • Closing and signing of contract
  • Additional services
    • Lease extension/option exercise
    • Rental of additional space
    • Reduction of the rental cost burden (sublease, search for new tenant or termination agreement)

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